Financial Planning

We offer an objective, fee-based approach to financial planning. Martha will work closely with you to develop a financial plan to address areas like your cash flow, retirement planning, education planning, investment planning and risk managment. Our recommendations are customized to your personal circumstances and objectives and we'll work closely with you to decide which strategies to implement and over what timeframe to implement them. Your financial plan can be comprehensive or focused on a limited number of goals.

Investment Advisory Services

By partnering with Eagle Strategies, we can offer sophisticated wealth management tools and strategies to meet your needs. Additionally we can leverage the investment capabilities and expertise of more than 40 asset managers. Our investment programs range from separately managed portfolios of individual stocks and bonds to no-load, load waived and institutional mutual funds. Eagle Strategies was built with a singular goal - to provide quality, risk-disciplined investment programs so that Eagle advisers like Martha can offer independent financial advice and guidance to meet your investment goals.